Getting on the 30s Train! (Yikes!)

IMG_20180613_025447_211.jpgWhen you start your 20’s you assume you will be young and carefree forever! Your favorite phrase was probably “by the time I’m 30, I would be..” And then, 30 comes along and you are shocked that you aren’t a celebrity or married to one (i had so many options back then), and your bank account isn’t an endless fountain of cash!

Last year when the clock hit 12 and it was officially June 12.. I was nothing close to being a celebrity and my bank account was almost empty.. Reality hit real hard!

I started to evaluate my job, my home, my achievements, lifestyle, friendships and my new favorite phrase became “I’m too old for this Sh**t!”…

For a while there I thought I haven’t achieved much being were I am today, an MBA holder, completely independent, and keeping a good job in corporate events while maintaining an almost fun lifestyle and that put me down most of the time.. But soon enough I realized that I spent too much time thinking of what I SHOULD HAVE done rather than what I can do next and I started checking out my bucket list like I SHOULD have done. I got the piercing and tattoo I always wanted, I traveled to London and watched a musical, I started my photoblog on Instagram and now this!

As I kick off 31, I’m more excited about what is coming than I ever was at my 20s because now I started to think of myself more and I became ready to pick up the pieces of my dramatic self who didn’t marry Justin Timberlake and focus on becoming a better version of myself so by 40 I would say “I did that”!

Are you hitting the big 30 soon? Chin up, the best is yet to come!


Taking my first trip ON A BUDGET!

Worrying about a budget for a trip is always a setback, for as long as I remember all I wanted to do was travel around but budget was a problem! In 2013, I took my first trip along with my best friend. We chose Amsterdam where my brother was living at that time and spent 12 amazing days!


Here are a few tips I’ve learned that can help you get started on your plans:

#1: Travel to a country where you know someone.
This is a 2 in 1 kind of tip! Having someone there means you don’t need to worry about accommodation, and it means you get the city’s tricks on saving from a local.

#2: Do your research on high and low seasons of that city
Now I know for some beach destinations you need to be there in the high season but if you do enough research you can enjoy the best of the city for cheaper prices. This depends a lot on the destination & type of traveler you are, but research is always the key!

#3: Enjoy the city like a local.
Touristic sites in every city are usually the most expensive, they are a must see of course but for food & drinks I recommend you dive into the city and just walk in to the places that appeal to you. You never know but that small shop in the corner of London’s Camden Market may offer the best burger you ever had!

#4: Buy tickets for shows or museums online before you go.
If you have a show you would like to see try to get your tickets online ahead of time, you will surely find cheaper tickets. Most museums around the world have a free entrance but it’s always better to check ahead for specific events or shows. If you are a theatre or musicals person you have several options to buy tickets online. I bought my tickets to Mamma Mia in London on Seat Plan, they offer many options for tickets and theatres as well. Again, do your research!

#5: Learn about the city’s transportation system.
Make sure you know the best transportation option in the city you are visiting. All European cities have trams, buses or metros and you can easily get rechargeable cards to use, like the oyster card in London that allows you to use the bus and metro systems. I also recommend you download apps that can help you move around the city, citymapper has been one of my favorite options so far.

Here are a few of my thoughts, let me know if I was helpful!