How this Society Continues to Fail!

In the Arab societies all you hear is “In the old days, things were different.. people were different.. society was different.” well I’m not even sure those days existed anymore! We are just so proud of our history and pre-historic achievements that we have managed to recede while every single culture, society, and country evolved as we live off the “In the old days” memories. I’m only 31 and I can actually remember that my younger days were different (not necessarily better)! I’m not addressing a political issue here, I’m addressing the society; I’m addressing how people in here are so angry and unethical all the time!
Our society is constantly in a battle of “Its me or no one”, I understand battling to secure a job, or a position or a raise but why must you battle in everything!!

Driving your cars, getting in the elevator, getting to the cashier, getting papers done, crossing the street, parking space! Damn it people, how hard is it to actually park within the space you need and give someone else a chance to park infront of you!
How hard is it to actually stay in your lane and not block the way if yours is blocked,
How hard is it smile when you are serving someone or answering a question, 
How hard is it to do your job like you’re supposed to no extra effort needed just do your job!
How hard is it to respect the differences and choices of others,
How hard is it to say something nice instead of being sickened by the success of others, HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST BE ETHICAL?!

This has nothing to do with the economic situation or the political situation, this is purely people becoming so ignorant and blinded by the battle of survival they feel the need crush everything. It’ unfortunate that I need to write this and the only ones who will read are people who don’t know me, or my society or maybe even my country! and maybe it’s the same elsewhere, I don’t know but this is a truth  I’m sure a lot of us acknowledge, ignore and move on; because unfortunately you can fix politics, and you can fix economy, laws even but you can’t fix ethics!

 You are taught ethics by family, schools and society! And if all fails…


Getting on the 30s Train! (Yikes!)

IMG_20180613_025447_211.jpgWhen you start your 20’s you assume you will be young and carefree forever! Your favorite phrase was probably “by the time I’m 30, I would be..” And then, 30 comes along and you are shocked that you aren’t a celebrity or married to one (i had so many options back then), and your bank account isn’t an endless fountain of cash!

Last year when the clock hit 12 and it was officially June 12.. I was nothing close to being a celebrity and my bank account was almost empty.. Reality hit real hard!

I started to evaluate my job, my home, my achievements, lifestyle, friendships and my new favorite phrase became “I’m too old for this Sh**t!”…

For a while there I thought I haven’t achieved much being were I am today, an MBA holder, completely independent, and keeping a good job in corporate events while maintaining an almost fun lifestyle and that put me down most of the time.. But soon enough I realized that I spent too much time thinking of what I SHOULD HAVE done rather than what I can do next and I started checking out my bucket list like I SHOULD have done. I got the piercing and tattoo I always wanted, I traveled to London and watched a musical, I started my photoblog on Instagram and now this!

As I kick off 31, I’m more excited about what is coming than I ever was at my 20s because now I started to think of myself more and I became ready to pick up the pieces of my dramatic self who didn’t marry Justin Timberlake and focus on becoming a better version of myself so by 40 I would say “I did that”!

Are you hitting the big 30 soon? Chin up, the best is yet to come!